I just arrived in Kenya for a several week long photojournalism trip. I am staying with a YWAM team out here and capturing what is going on as they do missionary work in Kisumu. When I pulled out my camera at the children hospital the first day, the mothers who were staying with their children asked me to take a “snap” of them. Afterwords they asked if they could have the photos, so today I asked Bob to get them printed for me while he was out.

I was able to give the photos to the mothers, and it was really amazing to see their reaction. I only assume that they have never had professional family photographs taken, and I am so glad that they now have some to remember these moments.

The survival rate of this cancer ward is about 50%. If some of these kids don’t make it, I want these mothers to be able to remember their children.

IMG_0723 IMG_0738 IMG_0730IMG_0741 IMG_0774 IMG_0785

Went Away Holiday

I had a little holiday a couple weeks ago to Oregon with a few friends.

Thank you friends and family so much for housing us. Our trip was filled with reunions, good talks, coffee, and lots of trains and buses.

Here are a few shots from Bend, Salem, and Portland.

IMG_2323IMG_2015 Untitled-1 IMG_2205 IMG_2273 IMG_2269 IMG_2240 IMG_2148 IMG_2115 IMG_2094 IMG_2087 IMG_2084 IMG_2083 IMG_2078 IMG_2055 IMG_2050 IMG_2036  IMG_2009 IMG_2008 IMG_2007 IMG_2004  IMG_1963 IMG_1950 IMG_1938 IMG_1927

Reeco & Reemon

The other day my friend Reemon and I found out that someone we know has a rad old Buick. Naturally, a photoshoot was our first thought. So he grabbed his brother Reeco and we had ourselves a little golden hour shoot.

IMG_5652 IMG_5525 IMG_5507 IMG_5497 Untitled-1 IMG_5469 IMG_5432 IMG_5413 IMG_5371  IMG_5326 IMG_5271 IMG_5257 IMG_5241 IMG_5582

The Bay

Over Christmas I went up to spend time with the family in the Bay Area. I took some friends of mine from Barbados up to experience one of the best cities in our country.

The following photos are from Grizzly Peak in Oakland, and the Sutro Bathes in San Francisco.

IMG_6344IMG_6298-2IMG_6441IMG_6875 IMG_6861IMG_6838IMG_6801IMG_6810IMG_6784IMG_6662IMG_6649IMG_6572IMG_6604IMG_6539IMG_6530


Redwoods & Smoke

I went up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving to visit my family and a couple of my friends, Michael & Gracie Penhale came with me. The morning we left to drive back down to Los Angeles, Gracie & I woke up early and had ourselves a little shoot in a redwood forest in Oakland. It was my first time using smoke bombs in a shoot, and I loved it. I could definitely see myself using them more in the future….;)


Bend, Oregon

Well. This Los Angeles girl finally got to experience fall. And rain.

A couple weeks ago I went up to Bend, Oregon with several friends. It was a beautiful three days, with morning brunches, walks, coffee, fog, adventures, and community. We had beautiful conversations while we experienced this beautiful world. I am so thankful for the friends who packed into that little mini-cooper with me and were a part of one of the best weekends of my life.

Untitled-2IMG_0060IMG_9880IMG_9954 IMG_9993IMG_0062 IMG_0048IMG_0146 Untitled-1 IMG_0202IMG_0396 IMG_0278 IMG_0328 IMG_0363 IMG_0371  IMG_0402 IMG_0408 IMG_0443 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0533 IMG_0546 IMG_0563 IMG_0576 IMG_0775IMG_0615

Jess + Shaun : Hollywood

I’ve been doing several shoots with Jessica Hover over the past year or so, but this was the first time I got to do a couple shoot with her hubby Shaun Hover. If I gave you all the details about what these two do, this would be a long blog post, so I’ll try to keep it short.

Jess works with girls in the modeling industry in Hollywood, New York and all over the world, speaking identity into those who are struggling with insecurities, and walking them into who they were designed to be. // //

Shaun works with skateboarders, essentially doing the same thing, and being a father figure to many who don’t have anyone to look up to. // //

I love this rad couple , and we had a great time gallivanting around Hollywood the other day to get these photos. Enjoy.

IMG_7885 IMG_7789 IMG_7767 IMG_7760 IMG_7719 Untitled-4 IMG_7684 IMG_7619 IMG_7441 IMG_7369 IMG_7358 Untitled-3 IMG_7348 IMG_7304 IMG_7245 IMG_7232 IMG_7210 IMG_7184 Untitled-2 IMG_7132 IMG_7066 IMG_7063 IMG_7042 IMG_7027 IMG_7023 IMG_6994 IMG_6895 Untitled-1 IMG_6830 IMG_6812