LA Fashion Week

I friend of mine named Jess Hover (you have probably seen her on here before) started a ministry called Beauty Arise, a movement of women who desire to bring value, beauty and identity to other women all over the world. Jess has been working behind the scenes at both New York & Los Angeles Fashion week for the past several years now. She goes with a team of girls to dress the models, help with everything that goes on behind the runway, and at the same time to bring a positive and encouraging vibe to the high-stress, high-pressure environment they are all a part of. I was able to go with them one day to take photo and video, and I absolutely loved it.IMG_2336IMG_2370IMG_2352IMG_2383IMG_2204 IMG_2222IMG_2399IMG_2419IMG_2438IMG_2445IMG_2501IMG_2523IMG_2546IMG_2550IMG_2579IMG_2584IMG_2597IMG_2637IMG_2686IMG_2741IMG_2756IMG_2766IMG_2790IMG_2832IMG_2858IMG_3048IMG_3096



I just arrived in Kenya for a several week long photojournalism trip. I am staying with a YWAM team out here and capturing what is going on as they do missionary work in Kisumu. When I pulled out my camera at the children hospital the first day, the mothers who were staying with their children asked me to take a “snap” of them. Afterwords they asked if they could have the photos, so today I asked Bob to get them printed for me while he was out.

I was able to give the photos to the mothers, and it was really amazing to see their reaction. I only assume that they have never had professional family photographs taken, and I am so glad that they now have some to remember these moments.

The survival rate of this cancer ward is about 50%. If some of these kids don’t make it, I want these mothers to be able to remember their children.

IMG_0723 IMG_0738 IMG_0730IMG_0741 IMG_0774 IMG_0785