It didn’t take Gracie Penhale & I long after we began brainstorming about another portrait shoot to come up with this concept. We decided to wake up before the sun rose with our American flag & gold tipped feathers to catch an early sunrise shoot. I absolutely love shooting this girl, and we were both very happy with the results of our morning adventure.

IMG_0120IMG_0001IMG_0103IMG_0145IMG_0130IMG_0128IMG_0026IMG_0011Untitled-1I am watermarked!IMG_0600 IMG_0609 IMG_9822 Untitled-2IMG_9832 IMG_9859Untitled-3

Derek & Hannah-2014

Hannah & Derek are engaged! I did their engagement video several weeks ago, and we had such a rad time. I knew their engagement photo shoot was going to be just as fun, and it definitely was. One of Hannah’s family members knew a man who owns this property in the hills near Temecula. I could try to tell you how awesome this place was, but I’ll just let you see for yourself. Thanks Derek & Hannah for such an easy, rad shoot!

IMG_9710 IMG_9607 Untitled-4 IMG_0068 IMG_0050 IMG_0054 Untitled-3 IMG_0517 IMG_9667 IMG_9664 IMG_9714 IMG_9717 IMG_9735 IMG_9755 IMG_9759 IMG_9807 IMG_9809 IMG_9844 IMG_9871 IMG_9885 IMG_9921 IMG_9959 IMG_9966 IMG_0072 Untitled-2 IMG_0130 IMG_0138 IMG_0153 IMG_0164 IMG_0174 IMG_0201 IMG_0221 IMG_0253 Untitled-1 IMG_0326 IMG_0353 IMG_0392 IMG_0417 IMG_0439 IMG_0449


Gracie & I did a shoot in the Arts District of Los Angeles last week. I have begun to fall in love with this district recently, and the industrial buildings & street art make for a perfect shooting location. Not to mention Gracie’s style makes everything rad. I love this girl. We had a great time gallivanting around this district, and ending up at the Pie Hole for some really good coffee.

Untitled-6IMG_8455IMG_8322 IMG_8287IMG_8180IMG_8282IMG_8170Untitled-5Untitled-3Untitled-4IMG_8554IMG_8547IMG_8564-2 IMG_8680IMG_8518IMG_8497IMG_8458-3IMG_8467IMG_8436IMG_8432IMG_8405Untitled-1IMG_8707IMG_8710IMG_8723IMG_8725

The Gilberts-2013

Before shooting family portraits for the Gilberts, I spent time with them in the morning getting ready for the day. Jackson and I had way too much fun with the window in the living room while Kate & Amelia cooked breakfast in the kitchen. I absolutely adore this family. They are a phenomenal example of what family can be.untitled7 IMG_8266 IMG_8271 IMG_8300 IMG_8336 IMG_8377 IMG_8393IMG_8406 IMG_8413 IMG_8422 IMG_8426 IMG_8508 IMG_8533 IMG_8572 IMG_8573IMG_8596 IMG_8615 IMG_8649 IMG_8668

Huck & Nova-2013

Huck proposed to Nova on a ferris wheel, so we decided it was fitting to do their engagement shoot at the Santa Monica Boardwalk . This pier at night provided the perfect romantic atmosphere, and the chemistry between these two made my job so easy!IMG_0828IMG_0687IMG_0783IMG_0789IMG_0796IMG_0896 IMG_0932 IMG_0936 IMG_1090 IMG_1198

Jess & Jake-2013

Hair stylist & indie musician, these two had to have a photo shoot worthy of their creative style. So naturally we took a couch to the Art District in Los Angeles. Jess and Jake are both such unique, rad individuals, and they make a really incredible couple.
IMG_0032IMG_9779IMG_9750IMG_9741IMG_9837IMG_9950IMG_0362 IMG_0333 IMG_0290 IMG_0191 IMG_0169 IMG_0140 IMG_0134 IMG_0078 IMG_0068IMG_0042


This beauty is graduating  this fall from Biola University! We went to Pasadena for her graduation photos. We have a lot of good friends in common so it was great catching up and talking story as we wandered through the beautiful streets and architecture that are downtown.
IMG_7928IMG_7561 IMG_7584IMG_7593 Untitled-3IMG_7602IMG_7633IMG_7637IMG_7659IMG_7669IMG_7676IMG_7717IMG_7766IMG_7798IMG_7884IMG_7909IMG_7993IMG_7959Untitled-4